Rants & Raves

Thanks to Little Lamb for today's photo of the day. It was taken in his backyard. He says that the redbuds this year are way above average. Maybe the wet summer last year and the cold winter this year led to more blooms than usual. If you want me to post a photo of yours here, send it as large as possible in an email to sean.moores@augustachronicle.com. Have a good day everybody. - Sean

Comments from readers:


I LIVE IN SOUTH Augusta. I went to Save-a-lot. When I got the counter, I came up $6 short and had to put some items back. I have never had to do this and was very embarrassed. A woman next to me covered it. No one has ever given me a gift like that. Thank you, Rosie. It changed my life.


RAVE FOR PAM Tucker. I have known her since she was a baby. She doesn’t need a college degree. She probably knows more about her job than anyone with the highest degree. It sounds like there are a lot of jealous people in the Augusta area. Thank you, Pam, for all your hard work.


AHHH, ELECTION TIME. Out with the old and in with the new.


IT SEEMS NOT TOO long ago that Columbia County’s Ron Cross was lamenting the pullout of Bass Pro Shops as a result of working with less-than-honorable people. Now he and the other commissioners are considering a proposal by Georgia Regents University to build a hospital in Columbia County. Are he and the commissioners blind to the GRU track record to the promises made regarding the ASU merger?


RANT TO PRESIDENT Obama. During his early school years there are two things he did not learn: Freedom is not the right to do what you please, but the liberty to do what you ought to do, and be sure your sins will find you out.


FOUR SUNDAYS AGO, you paid for my lunch at Logan’s. You don’t know what a blessing that was. You didn’t know how I was feeling, but you lifted my spirit and made my day. Thank God for people like you and God bless you.


I CAN TELL YOU how to get the limbs picked up on your property. Pay for them. I had two trees down and they are gone because I paid for them. The insurance didn’t pay for all of it, but they paid about three-quarters of it. Get your trees cleaned up.


THOSE PEOPLE WHO look at my gray hair and call me little old lady, sweetie and honey pie: I’ll be willing to bet when you get to my age you won’t be able to climb mountains, swim two or three miles a week and do other things; that you lie on the couch and say it’s too much trouble. Please be kind and quit calling me names.


I BELIEVE PUTIN of Russia is just a little Hitler getting started. Russians need to recognize this and put an end to this before it goes further.