Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



MERCER WAS THE only Georgia team in the NCAA championship tournament because they played well and have great fans who kept it classy. Go Bears!


MARION WILLIAMS (Disbelief X 2) 1. Multiple non-tax paying years, maybe he deleted his reminders from his HARD DRIVE. Maybe we should initiate an effort to check his hard drive and also look into his other taxpaying history priorities (state and federal). 2. What type of folks vote for such a person? Could it be the same folks that voted for our president twice and are not really looking for good representation?


RANT FOR THE Brother’s Keeper program. This is the year 2014, this should not even be needed. Make daddies take care of the offspring they bring into the world. We working taxpayers are tired of this insanity


BECAUSE OF THE ex-coroner’s long ties with the “Good Ole Boys Club,” the true depth of his alleged corruption and thievery will probably never be known. And he probably will get a light sentence through a plea deal. But when the Grim Reaper takes him away, God will know. May the Devil not have mercy on his soul.


THE INTERNET IS NOT Obama’s to give away! It belongs to the taxpayers of the United States; we footed the bill to build it. Next he will be selling the White House.


WE HAVE ONLY one landline phone. It was down only because the tree branches fell on it. Once the branches were lifted off and AT&T repaired the line, we got calls checking on us. Sometimes it pays to be old fashioned. We have been urged to join the digital age, to get and pay for Internet home access, etc. I need that $40+ for expenses and retirement savings.


BRAVO TO THE SMALL businesses not doing credit cards. It not only saves them and the customers from the hassle of thieves who steal the data, it also helps people not get into credit card debts. We really need to go back to the old ways of where we all save our own retirement funds for ourselves, not depend on work places or banks to do it for us. After all, most people change up work places every few years anyway as young’uns today switch jobs or unfortunately, when businesses fail and workers have to move on.