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HAS THERE EVER been a radio station with announcers with a more limited vocabulary than WGAC? Austin Rhodes, Harley Drew and Ashley Brown are unbelievable. On March 6, Austin used the words “incredible” and “incredibly” 52 times.

IF 86 PERCENT OF people signing up for Obama­care get government assistance to pay the premiums, it appears to be just another way the federal government is making the people dependent, added to food stamps and child care programs. Another vote-getting program for the Democrats.

RAVES FOR THE people who stopped on Wash­ing­ton Road in front of Martinez Animal Hos­pi­tal to help me look for my husky that had just slipped out of her collar. I caught her a half-mile away and she is safe.

THE NEW STATE LAW requiring slow drivers to move out of the left lane or be ticketed is a great idea. However, I would suspect the majority of those ignorant people who do this won’t even be aware it will be a law, so I don’t see it doing any good, so it won’t be enforced. Just like the law that says you must turn your headlights on when it’s raining. You see 20-25 percent driving without headlights, and they are never ticketed.

AS A REALTOR, shouldn’t she occasionally check on her properties besides just cashing the check?

DOES PRESIDENT OBAMA think people are going to give up their cellphones to buy health insurance? I don’t think so. Healthy people want (need) a cellphone worse than health insurance.

RAVE FOR THE wonderful teachers at Hammond Hill Elementary in North Augusta. Thank you all for a job well done. This is where credit is due.

THE HARRISBURG Asso­ciation meetings are every second Thursday of the month. Harrisburg could at least let the church members know on the Sunday before the meeting or post it outside on the church board. The more neighborhood members we have, we can work together and make great things happen in the Harrisburg community.

RAVE FOR A VERY pleasant employee at Atlanta Bread, Tiffany. She is a very sharp lady. Our company orders a lot of lunches from them, and she takes very good care of us and knows her stuff. The sweet girl who delivers is also wonderful.



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