Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I JUST GOT MY car tax bill from Columbia County. Is it OK if I just pay half of it?

IT’S NICE TO SEE a new pub opening in downtown Augusta. In your Chronicle photo, however, the American flag and Irish flag are posted on the wrong side of each other.

SO SOME NUT IN GEORGIA has decided they can make a law ticketing me for obeying the posted maximum legal speed limit simply because someone else wants to violate it? The signs nor the law say it’s suggested; they say it’s the maximum. I’ll continue to drive that posted speed limit; let them ticket me, then appeal all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court and let the judges decide if that law is constitutional.

OBAMA’S FOREIGN POLICY weakness has encouraged Putin, and now Obama is trying to worm out of his weakness, which means Obama could very well get us into an unnecessary war.

THE LOVELY PICTURE and story of “Lovers in the twilight time” in Monday’s Metro section deserved the front page. It was beautiful.

FOR THAT PERSON complaining about blaring music from cars, there is a noise ordinance in Richmond County and has been one for years. Unfortunately, our sheriff’s office has decided to allow “voluntary compliance” on whatever they don’t feel like enforcing. An example is handicapped parking here. I’m sure the noise ordinance is another. Remember this next election.

A HUGE RAVE FOR South Carolina school Super­intendent Mick Zais. He says change the high school requirements to accommodate those who are not college-bound. Reality tells us that not every student needs to attend college. Forcing them into courses that feel irrelevant to them is counterproductive; they don’t rise to the challenge, they quit! Over the 30-plus years that I was a teacher, I came to this realization. While higher learning for its own sake is valuable and enriching, it can’t be force-fed to students. Offer them courses that will get them where they want to go, and they will stay in school and thrive.

THOUGH THE SAT TESTS were never worth a flip anyway, how interesting it is now to see they are working hard to make the tests easier, which means they are less than worthless since anybody can pass.

ONLY PRESIDENT OBAMA could spend $300 million in just one state (Oregon) advertising his insane health care stuff and get not even one person in that state to sign up. Where could so much money have gone?

HOW COULD YOU print such a disgusting ad in your classified section “Dogs”? Free to good home, puppies must get rid of? Sickening!

A RAVE FOR the Gold Cross ambulance that came to my home and took me to Georgia Regents University after having an asthma attack and could not control it. The EMTs were very professional, and the staff at the emergency room knew exactly what to do when I got there so I could walk out of the hospital. Great job to both.



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