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IT APPEARS THAT some readers of The Augusta Chronicle do not understand what a political cartoonist does. Yes, he or she does attack all “humanity.” That includes local, state, federal agencies, which means liberal, conservative, Libertarian groups. A wise reader would realize that there is something to learn from Rick’s cartoons. It just might take some time sort it out.


WRIGHTSBORO ROAD Plaza had a big problem with people throwing trash, tires, etc., on the side of the plaza and in back. This is an eyesore from the parking area.


THE CITY FATHERS of North Augusta should require users of the North Augusta Greeneway to patronize the Four Season’s Food & Fuel, on the Greeneway.


MISS SYLVIA COOPER, we don’t have any prayer of hope just because commissioners or candidates are preachers. Don’t you know that by now? Or were you being facetious?


A BIG RAVE TO the companies coming in to get and dump off the trees and limbs and branches. I hope they will make a second pass for streets they partly missed.


AUGUSTA MAYOR Deke Copenhaver, I can’t believe you cannot find someone to honor at your reception. It does not have to be a Masters champion, does it? What about honoring our own Patrick Reed for his growing success out there on the tour? He’ll be in the Masters field, right?


OBAMA INCREASED the welfare rolls while cutting defense and the economy is in the tank. Reagan decreased welfare spending while rebuilding our military and the economy took off. Which one do we need now?


THE REPUBLICANS ARE the most ill-suited to talk about how to conduct wars. Just look at how Cowboy Bush pushed the talk about weapons of mass destruction and pushed the U.S. practically solo at the forefront of a war that killed thousands and mutilated tens of thousands of our troops, who then came home to red tape and lack of help with severe injuries. Let Obama draw other nations to work with us on the most peaceful way possible.


IF THE WAR HAWKS are that desperate to run out to Russia and Iran, let them take their hawkers and the most violent of our prisoners and run out there to do their thing. I’m glad we have a better peace planner in Obama who other nations listen to and then join forces with us for.


Wed, 08/23/2017 - 19:15

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