Rants and Raves

TRYING TO REASON with Marion Williams is like “matching wits with a gumball machine.”



WHOEVER SAID that crime doesn’t pay did not work for the Columbia County government.


RANT TO GROVER Tuten/Richmond County and Kay Allen/Columbia County for their actions that caused our counties to be cause for action in the State Legislature and the Governor’s Office, respectively. Both should go and hide somewhere because it is very offensive to me that we can’t handle our problems without intervention from state government.


I WAS TEARY-EYED as I read the Kay Allen statement. What a load of baloney! The only thing she is doing is trying to save her rear end. She says that she does not want to continue the fight since it would result in significant costs to the citizens of Columbia County. Why did she not think of those costs way back when the issue first arose. She made out alright having to pay back only half what she owes. Good riddance I say!


I HOPE THAT President Obama is watching what the Target store management just did. Target caused the resignation (firing?) of Beth Jacob the chief information officer after the massive data breach. Obama needs to understand that when things go wrong somebody needs to get fired or demoted at least. With all of his administration’s debacles nobody has ever been held accountable!


FYI ... TO CORRECT a rant comment from someone earlier. Land line telephones do not require an on-your-site power source to work unless they are channeled through a PBX system or of the cordless type. A regular phone plugged into the phone company service feeding your premise gets its power generated by the phone company’s central office, which goes to back-up generators upon power failure. The only thing required on your end is “continuity” of the pair of wires from the CO to your house. Try it next time the power goes out, pick up the phone and make a call. My, my what amazing technology we have when we KISS and forget all the bells and whistles of high tech. (Retired AT&T)


THE ONLY GOOD thing to say about MOX is that the money wasted went to American workers and was not sent overseas.