Rants & Raves

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BIG TIME RANT for Hephzibah officials. Several years ago, if I remember correctly, the city purchased the old school from the school board. Why, so you can make the city look tacky? Sell it back to the board. What is wrong with you people on council?


SOME THINGS IN the world never change. Russia wanting a warm water port is one of them. This was understood by Sarah Palin, and Putin invading the Ukraine was predicted by Palin in the 2008 election. Romney understood Putin’s ambition in the Ukraine and was mocked for his 1980s foreign policy. President Obama is the only one who really didn’t understand Putin, and look where we are now. For supposedly being the brightest man in the room, Obama appears very dim.


A RAVE TO Grady Abrams, who consistently gets it right when it comes to trying to get blacks to move forward and use the tragic past to inspire and instill a successful and independent future. Unfortunately, it looks like some people still feel that it’s easier to keep placing blame and feeling they are still owed something, while others would rather not see people of color get ahead. Here’s hoping that Abrams and others who just want us all to get along will prevail.


RANT TO RICHMOND County deputies. Here we go again. We have to assume traffic laws do not apply to deputies. The afternoon of March 4, I observed a deputy (marked vehicle but not a normal cruiser) speeding on Calhoun Expressway and maneuvering the lanes without using turn signal – cutting in front of people. They were not responding to a call but just trying to get to the front of traffic because they stopped at traffic light on Berckmanns Road. How can you expect the public to follow traffic laws with the deputies don’t follow them?


LEAVE KAY ALLEN alone. She did something for us that nobody else did. She brought the tag place to Evans. That way, we don’t have to go to Appling. She made the tag office a nice place.


RANT TO THE so-called leaders of the city of North Augusta. You need to stop romancing architects for a footprint of the baseball stadium and start romancing some debris removal companies to clean up the streets from the ice storm. It’s been exactly one month now and not one branch has been removed from any house on my street. I’ve been told my grass is technically dead. Thanks a whole bunch.



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