Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



PROPERTY OWNERS, it is your responsibility to clean up the hanging limbs on your rental property before someone gets hurt.


ONLINE COMMENTS say most will vote “yes” for the many special purpose local option sales taxes because “people … want progress and not decay.” All that does is gouge more from pockets of productive residents and hand it to politicians who will then get richer. If you trust politicians, vote for tax increases. If you don’t trust them, vote no.


DOESN’T YOUR Sunday Opinion section really belong in with the comics?


RON CROSS AND Columbia County Commission members, save yourself and us a lot of time. We do not need a hospital in Columbia County. It is all about the money. Please vote no.


FOLLOW THE MONEY. There must be some financial reason tied to one of the many grants that the Richmond County school board receives that is the motivation behind requiring the students to make up the snow days. Someone needs to investigate.


COMMON SENSE and compassion apparently are not prerequisites for becoming members of the Richmond County school board.


THE SCHOOL BOARD has chosen to make up the snow days in an effort to maintain the county’s strong position as an academic leader in the state, the nation and the world.


THIS IS A BIG rant to the Richmond County school board. The Tutt Middle School baseball team sat and waited almost an hour for a bus to take them to Glenn Hills Middle School for a game scheduled to start at 5 p.m. The team arrived at 6 p.m., then forced to run on field and begin game with no warm-ups or stretching. The bus system for after-school events has been a joke for some years now.


RANT FOR THE pants-down boys. Please keep your nasty butts out of sight during Masters Week. Augusta has a bad-enough reputation already. Have a little respect for the people around you. I don’t even want you walking down my street.


PRESIDENT OBAMA won the 2012 election with 29 percent of registered voters voting for him. Now, 73 percent of those who voted for him wish they hadn’t. That means that only 8 percent of America’s registered voters still support him.