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THE PEOPLE ON Eliot Boulevard helped each other during the big storm. We love y’all and we appreciate y’all. Thank you very much, and God bless you.

THE COUNTY IS really working hard to pick up the yard waste after the storm, but the people in the houses are not sweeping up after they pick everything up.

QUIT THROWING ALL the fast-food containers on the highways. It looks ghetto everywhere. Have a little respect.

I AM SURE PUTIN is not hiding in fear of Obama.

SUSAN MCCORD, OF The Augusta Chronicle, did a great job of investigative reporting on the Augusta Utilities scandal. Thanks to Susan, we have knowledge of governmental fraud. Step up, attorneys, and do your civic duty to get our money back.

OBAMA’S UNELECTED wife is working hard by pushing government as Big Brother about what we eat to help Obama become dictator. What is it with these people? When government can dictate what we eat, we’re in worse shape than the Russians under Stalin.

I FEEL AS THOUGH officer Martin of GRU should be prosecuted for the hell he has given Frederick Gibbons over the years. Mr. Gibbons should own GRU after the unjustified arrests and brutality put upon him. Martin should go to jail. Martin should have stayed on campus looking after things going on there instead of being a cowboy and trying to police Wrightsboro Road.

FOR THAT “VET” who just came back and claims none of the homeless ever saw traumatic action, let me inform you that evidently has never met or worked with those homeless vets. Many suffer from PTSD. They got that PTSD after seeing combat. Many are addicted. They became addicted receiving medications for combat injuries and are decorated combat veterans. Your lack of personal knowledge is obvious, and until you actually know some of those veterans you should probably look and say: “There but for the grace of God go I.”

I AGREE WITH THE ranter that Pam Tucker should have a college degree. Since she wrote the text for Emergency Management, Gov. Nathan Deal should make it his priority to see that she is presented with her doctoral degree. Sounds good: Pam Tucker, Ph.D.



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

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