Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


RANT FOR THE loud TV commercials. Commer­cials that are aired with excessive audio are annoying and should be banned since the FCC has ruled that they are illegal. Please be aware that they are obnoxious and a lot of us don’t appreciate the way they are presented. The local cable companies and the local TV stations should follow the FCC rules and not allow the increased volume for his commercials they are transmitting.

I HAVE A BIG FAT rant for WJBF (Channel 6) for not showing the NASCAR race on March 1. WJBF aired a college baseball game. By the time the game was over, there were only 32 laps left in the race, and that is only because the race was in a rain delay. I hope NASCAR fans will voice their anger toward Channel 6 for what they did.

A RAVE TO DISTRICT 1 Augusta Commission member William “Bill” Fennoy for attending the special purpose local option sales tax meeting and getting projects for his district included. Those commissioners who stayed home should be ashamed of themselves for not representing their constituents.

STUNNED. THE ONLY word that comes to mind when viewing Rick McKee’s March 1 editorial cartoon. Mr. McKee has a very prejudiced idea of beauty. He has insulted people at just about every level of humanity. An all-time low for The Augusta Chronicle.

CAN’T SOMETHING be done about the noxious smell coming from the slaughterhouse on Gor­don Highway? I travel that way to and from work, and it smells like someone is cooking a hamburger and cow dung stew every day. Nauseating! It’s not a very good “Welcome to Augusta” for folks leaving the airport.

TO THE PERSON who saw the trolley, that is not a regular Augusta trolley at all. It was a special one hired for tours on Saturdays. But it is nice to look at. I do wish the city or the Augusta Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau could afford to run tour trolleys.

MY NEIGHBORS ARE anxiously awaiting the $8 million worth of cleaning crews as they managed to rent out their places for the Masters for $4,000 to $8,000 that week. When they hire the 45 percent of local help, will they finally start in our streets soon? The rest of us are tired of the one-lane-only use as the anxious people thoughtlessly just push stuff onto the roads to “urge” the city to clean the road up faster.