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THE VIGILANTES OF Columbia County need to remember there is such a thing as due process of law, innocent until proved guilty.


THE RESULTS OF the last ice storm really lie on Georgia Power, since they saved a few dollars by doing away with the tree-trimming program. They are paying now, and we hurt.


HEY, BIG RAVES for Pam Tucker! If she got her second in command well-trained to handle things for a few hours, I appreciate that. Her overall handling of all things emergency in Columbia County and during her time in Richmond County are above 115 percent effort and any reproach. Nothing was amiss ever under her watch. So happy baby, Grandma Pam!


ARIZONA VOTED TO force businesses to deal with any customer no matter even if it is against their religious beliefs. Yet, two Muslims were fired from a trucking firm in Minnesota because they would not drive a truck containing alcohol, but the company was forced to rehire them because they have a right to exercise their religious beliefs by not driving a truck containing alcoholic beverages? Why do some religions get special treatment when others are forced to do things counter to their religious beliefs?


WHAT IS SO SPECIAL about Flagler Road that you constantly see county trucks coming and going from that neighborhood and who has the pull to make it happen? It definitely seems a little suspicious to those who live around that area.


WHO IS WATCHING out for us taxpayers (except the commissioners) in determining who gets the money from the special purpose local option sales tax? The latest entity who wants to dip into that money is Richmond County Mosquito Control, which wants $450,000 for a new storage facility. Surely there are vacant facilities around Augusta that would adequately serve their needs?


GEORGIA’S STATE BOARD has voted to allow school districts to not make up as many as nine days lost to ice and snow. Let’s face it: Georgia is the last state that needs leniency in this area. The students deserve and need a full year of schooling if they are to keep up with the other states.


I CAN’T BELIEVE the audacity of the person slamming Pam Tucker for attending the birth of her first grandchild. Apparently you do not have children or grandchildren that you can be so critical. Nothing in this world would stop me from attending the birth of my first grandchild.



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Rants and raves

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