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SOME DRIVERS IN Augusta think it’s OK to make a U-turn on a busy two-lane street. A lot of drivers in Augusta will come to a complete stop on a crowded Washington Road and then go over three lanes so they will not have to find somewhere to turn around. If you do try to leave space between you and the next car, then someone will come rushing up and get between. Downtown and Harrisburg are flush with grocery carts, bicycles and pedestrians who believe they are seen by every motorist.


AT LAST WE have legislation making slow driving in the left lane illegal. It has always been discourteous, dangerous and selfish; now against the law.


THE UNINSURED ARE turning against Republicans. These Republican governors rode a tea party wave in 2010. It’s time to send them out with the tide.


TO DEAL WITH immigration, Congress should fund the INS so that they can catch all illegals and deport them and not provide a path to citizenship for people here illegally, and allows them to pay back their taxes.


A HUGE RAVE for Steve Chalker and Jefferson Energy. Those folks worked tirelessly for many days without proper rest and creature comforts. A special thanks to Chalker, who called me personally about a concern that I had. He is a great asset to the EMC members and just a great guy to talk to. Thanks, Steve, and Jefferson employees.


I LIKE THE new law that says slower traffic needs to get out of the left lane. There also need to be more severe penalties for those who tailgate me when I am in the right lane doing the speed limit with precious cargo (my children) in my vehicle. You do not have the right to endanger others because you are impatient and don’t know how to drive.


A GREAT BIG RAVE for Samaritan’s Purse for volunteering its help in our area with the aftermath of the recent ice storm.


REGARDING THE rants in the Feb. 25 column about replacing food lost in the ice storm only being for food stamp recipients: There is a program called disaster food stamps that anyone can apply for; contact DFCS to see if this program was activated for the Augusta area.


AUGUSTA UTILITIES changes its billing cycle. Pols keep finding new ways to confuse and grab more money. There seems to be no way to avoid confusion from modern government.



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