Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



WHAT’S UP WITH the Richmond County Board of Education this time? They give teachers no credit for the extra hours put in week after week, but when they close school because of weather, the board expects makeup hours?


A HUGE RAVE for all the linemen and women and tree-cutting crews who clear the way for us to return to normal.


MICHELLE MALKIN IS my hero. She is wonderful the way she writes. No wonder my son married someone from the Philippines.


I GET MUSCLE car magazines. Those are my kind of cars. Not the ones that are out today. They are ugly.


SEVERAL YEARS AGO, there was an ordinance that trains could not come through during rush hour traffic. Could the city get an app to let us know when trains were coming through because I was late for work yesterday?


RANT TO THE person who thinks that Pam Tucker should be fired because of the birth of her grandchild. That is a very important day to celebrate. I don’t think she should be fired.


THIS IS A BIG rave to my neighbor across the street for offering to help tear down our carport that fell on our cars during the storm.


TO DONALD BRAUER: Thanks for your editorial. I suggest you turn on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC. You’ll obviously be very happy with them. They love to invent stories and slant them to their left-wing ideals. I, for one, am very refreshing that on occasion people can find a conservative viewpoint like the one this paper offers on their editorial page, in addition to those offered by Fox News. No one is forcing you to read the editorials here. You do that completely on your own.


A RAVE FOR The Chronicle for printing the letter from liberal Donald Brauer in the Feb. 23 edition, and a rave for Brauer for speaking the truth. Why doesn’t The Chronicle have any liberal columnists? The New York Times has both liberal and conservative columnists, even though their editorials favor the liberal point of view. Are you afraid Republicans might vote for Democrats if you expose your readers to both sides of an issue?


RAVES TO KELLI Walker and all the employees of 311. It must have been very frustrating to work without power and using the limited capabilities of cellphones. Thanks for all your efforts.