Rants & Raves

RANT TO ALVIN MASON for appointing a Liber­tarian to the Animal Control board. Since Libertarians do not believe in government, I guess he will advocate closing the pound and just releasing all the strays onto the streets with rabies and all.



I WOULD LIKE to thank University Hospital for the kindness and medical care that was given to me on my recent visit. From the ER to 10W floor, I could not ask for a better group of caring people: the doctors, nurses, the women who took care of my room, brought me food, etc. Thank you from the bottom of my heart; I know you will be blessed.


IT WOULD HAVE been extremely important and beneficial to this community if at least two women would have been appointed to the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Yes, women know business and will get the job done more efficiently while using all cost-savings measures. And it’s not too late to still appoint them.


WHEN WILL ELECTED officials wake up and start making better decisions about improving Augusta? Not one woman was selected to serve on the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Then I wonder why this city is going backwards and can’t get anything done.


THE DUMBED-DOWN education is redesigning the beliefs, the way of life and way of thinking of our children. The children will never know the difference because the liberals are doing everything possible to remove any trace of the free world and demonizing what’s left of it.


THE FEDERAL government is trying to make it mandatory for parents to attend a child-rearing course. They want to make sure our little darlings are thoroughly indoctrinated. We are not heading toward a socialist-type society; we are headed for a communist-run country.


I WAS VERY disappointed in the news coverage of the storm on WGAC. They had news bits now and then and then resumed their regular programming. WBBQ, at least, you could listen all day and they had complete coverage all day long. How nice that was.


GROVETOWN WINS first place for the most trash on the sides of roads. Coming into Grovetown from Horizon Parkway or on Wrightsboro Road, there is a virtual landfill of trash. The road in front of the middle school is littered with trash. This has nothing to do with limbs and trees or the recent ice storm. The streets have been littered for quite some time.