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Today's photo is from Cobalt George. This was taken two miles from the Korean DMZ in 1958. Send me your photos if you want to see them here. sean.moores@augustachronicle.com I will post as often as possible. I probably won't do it every day, but I should be able to several times a week. have a good day everybody! - Sean



ALL I HAVE READ indicates Dr. Ricardo Azziz has done nothing for the Augusta area except change the trusted and admired name of MCG to GRU and removed the name of Augusta of which we are so proud of.


IF DR. FRANK Roberson truly had the interest of the students of Richmond County at heart, he would step aside and allow a more able person to take the reins. Shame on the school board members for not taking the right steps to remove him.


REPLACING FOOD purchased with food stamps? How about the hard-working people who work tirelessly to put food feed our children, pay renter’s or homeowner’s insurance, and aren’t able to replace the food we lost. How about us? Not all policies cover food lost, and it won’t cover this week so we can eat until payday. Who is going to help me feed my family? Certainly won’t be DFCS because I work hard for the little I have.


BIG TIME RAVES to Ms. Lucas of Augusta’s Emergency Management Department. She appears dedicated and very responsive as learned from our recent ice invasion. It’s good we have her on hand.


THE 1950S PUBLIC schools taught reading, writing and arithmetic, social studies, geography and the real history of our country. We had physical education that taught us team playing, fair play, winning, losing and social interaction.


BECAUSE OF THE power outage, we could not use our EBT card. They should go back to printing food stamps so they can be used regardless of whether the computers are up or down.


HOW COME SPAIN is going to give free citizenship top the Sephardic people? There is 50 percent unemployment in Spain. Forget it.


THAT WASN’T AN earthquake; that was Clifford Roberts turning in his grave because he knew President Eisenhower’s wish was coming to fruition.


I AM OLD, AND I was cold for four days. Thank you, Georgia Power, for turning the current back on.


BRAD OWENS IS just a gadfly and an Internet troll. I can’t believe that he is the best choice to be on that group.


THE 77-YEAR-OLD woman who was found in the laundry room was said to die of natural causes. Why did the people who lived in
the house not know she was in the laundry room?



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