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I READ IN The Chronicle that the power outage situation here was so dire that Georgia Power had to bring help in from as far south as Florida and as far north as Tennessee. I’m just glad that they didn’t have to go as far west as Alabama or as far east as South Carolina. Those guys would have been worn out from the travel. By the way, I loved the headline about “shiver” and “shake.”


A HUGE RANT to the adult who held class at Dunkin’ Donuts on Feb. 15 at the Washington Road restaurant. I was told the students were from John S. Davidson Fine Arts School. The kids were well-behaved, but they took up the entire seating area restricting access for the regular customers. Staffers told me they remained in place for over two hours.


THIS IS FOR all the out-of-town and state utility companies that have assisted our area with restoring power to our homes. We want to thank them for all the assistance in restoring our power. These companies are still at work round the clock to restore power to the remainder of our area. I hope all of Augusta and the surrounding area will join me in thanking these wonderful people.


RAY NAGIN WAS a lifelong Republican until he thought he could not win the mayor’s race and switched party. Now that he has been convicted, you can have him back. He is yours, GOP!


STOP SAYING Augusta looks like a war zone. I have been to a real war zone and there is a big difference. You can’t jump into your car and head to Waffle House because you don’t electricity in a war zone. Americans are too soft. Hats off to those who gave a helping hand.


THIS IS A RAVE FOR the young man who works in the meat department at the Kroger on Wrightsboro Road. Thank you for helping me and my kids get our car back on the road when our car hit the ice and we went off. Four other cars passed us but you was nice enough to stop and help push it back up on the road thank you so much from the bottom our hearts.


FOR THE NORTHWOOD neighbor who blows all his yard debris in the middle of the street to share with everyone along the street: Keep it in your yard and pick it up. Grow up and be responsible. We are tired of your debris in the street.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 18:50

Rants and raves