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Here is a photo of a wren from TrulyWorried. I don't think I've run this one yet. If I have, I apologize. Send me your photos that you want to see here. sean.moores@augustachronicle.com Have a good day everybody. - Sean

DEAR WAL-MART shoppers, please stop leaving your dirty diapers anywhere and everywhere in the parking lot. I don’t know what is wrong with people who feel so entitled that you can leave your precious little child’s filled diaper in the nearest shopping cart or on the pavement for some other human being working minimum wage to clean up after. Not all customers are this inconsiderate, but it is a daily occurrence.



PLEASE PRAY FOR the postmaster. He cares more about letters and packages than human lives, which cannot be replaced or delayed. Some letter carriers drove more than 30 miles to be at work, had to case mail instead of being sent home, and then were sent out on the street to deliver mail while the ice kept building on the roads. Hope everyone enjoyed their mail today since it was more important than the safety of thousands of people and their lives. I am so thankful that I have a caring employer.


RAVES FOR OUR Chronicle delivery man, Mr. Wallace. He delivered every day during the recent ice storm, even days when the post office did not make deliveries to our house. It was great to get news from the outside world when we were feeling cut off with no power, no Internet, etc.


SQUIRRELS FELL through the ceiling into the gym at Riverside Elementary School. The principal does not have a problem with students continuing to have classes in the gym. Central office is clueless.


HOW CAN I REQUEST that my postman give a couple of short blasts on his horn when he drops off my mail? I have noticed my mail person does this for the houses that are expecting government checks.


RANT FOR DISTRICT 7 Augusta Commission member Donnie Smith for appointing that troublemaker Brad Owens to the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Owens carries a big chip on his shoulder. All one has to do is read his rantings on the Internet to see he will be giant step backwards for progress downtown.


HEY, AUGUSTA Nation­al, please save Ike’s tree to use the wood for specialized carvings. Let some GRU students get to work on them for projects that you can display during Masters Week.


SOMETIMES, AS government employees, we whine too much. At least we have the opportunity to make up the time we miss because of the inclement weather. Hourly workers in the area won’t be able to make up their time.



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:23

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