Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.



I WOULD LIKE to see all Richmond County sheriff’s deputy units have push bars installed. They can be extremely helpful in clearing up minor traffic accidents and vehicles that are broken down by simply pushing them out of the way. The state patrol and other large departments understand this. Richmond County deputies are not the most skilled at accident scene management, as indicated by the massive traffic jams for the most minor events. It is important to keep traffic moving.


TO THE MISINFORMED ranter who stated Gov. Nathan Deal was trying to get in good with blacks, taking the blame for Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta, a big rant. The governor is the CEO of the state, and it was his responsibility to ensure that interstates and state roads were clear. He failed the citizens of the metro area, not the mayor of Atlanta.


THE URBAN Rede­velopment Authority will be overseeing tens of millions of dollars in bond money. It seems to me you would want an accountant on there to make sure money was being spent properly. What expertise in this field does Brad Owens have besides being a failed bar owner and slinging mud on the Internet? Appoint someone who actually has done something positive for downtown, such as Coco Rubio, Harry Blackston or Bonnie Ruben.


RANT TO ROMAN Cibirka at Georgia Regents University for sending his employees into Atlanta during the storm of the century.


THE BEST WAY TO win a war is don’t start one and don’t get involved in one. Keep our money at home to raise Social Security for our seniors and the people who need help. We also need to pay the Chinese off as fast as we can.


A BIG RAVE TO the couple from That’s What Friends Are For Inc. who stopped and helped me catch my greyhounds that had gotten loose. Many thanks to you; I could not have done it without you.


WHAT SAY WE get GRU President Ricardo Azziz over to Charleston, S.C.? If South Carolina has a Board of Regents, he could put in his 2 cents and suggest the name for the merger between the College of Charleston and the South Carolina College of Medicine.


I’M NOT THAT upset about a special tree being destroyed when thousands remain without power and the roads aren’t cleared. Kudos to the power workers for all their hard work.