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A HUGE RAVE TO the Robert­sons for their commitment to promoting preservation and renovation of Augusta’s finest, most interesting homes.


THE RICHMOND County Board of Education is only “rightsizing” schools similar in race and class. As always, Augusta fails at productivity of the overall success of certain groups of people. When everyone was uprooted and had to move from their neighborhoods, many were placed in worse conditions. We can allocate funding in places it is not needed but cannot or do not want to afford to educate our children. Richmond County has one event and Fort Gordon to keep it afloat. This says much about its business and moral standards.


ROGER HICKEY IS upset Congress “failed to extend the Emergency Un­employment Com­pensation program …” This is an ironic case of Congress accidently getting something right. Americans are hooked on the drug of big brother government getting them out of every spot. And that makes big government the boss. America grew strong when individuals took care of themselves. The original Americans would never have dreamed of going begging to government.


OUR PAPER CARRIER was great, especially during the cold and snowy weather, by placing the paper near our door. We live in Diamond Ridge Way and appreciate what he is doing now. No more wet papers!


THE OBAMA administration thinks it’s a great idea that 2.5 million people will be able to reduce their work hours because of Obamacare. If they reduce their work hours they will have less take-home pay, so how does this fit with the cry from the administration that workers are falling behind in their salaries and we must do something about it? Obamacare is going to aggravate the situation of unequal pay and increase the divide between the rich and middle class.


WHY DID THE Augusta Country Club paint their grass along the west side of Milledge Road? Next time, be sure you paint only the grass blue-green, not the sidewalk.


ATLANTA MIGHT see ice but it will continue to drive like idiots and cause hundreds of wrecks. Some people will die for no reason.


A RANT TO President Obama and the Demo­crats for attempting to destroy what made America exceptional … our morality and work ethic. I guess we can all just sit at home and write poems.



Thu, 12/14/2017 - 20:10

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