Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



IT’S TIME TO end “President’s Day.”


WHY DOES AUGUSTA need so many theaters for the arts? Can’t you share? Come on folks – it’s our tax money you are asking to support what are private institutions?


MANY IN AUGUSTA are concerned that the TV show “COPS” will make Augusta look bad. It’s not the TV show.


OVER A HUNDRED years ago some non-rocket scientists developed a system which can greatly reduce your chances of wrecking your vehicle while driving on ice. SLOW DOWN!


RANT TO DEPUTY Finance Director Tim Schroer for stating the SPLOST must provide $8 million to GRU. If GRU can build a new hospital in Columbia County, why must Augusta give them $8 million. Let Columbia County give them the money.


I SEE THAT Nathan Deal’s supporters are trying to deflect criticism in the Rants & Raves. Don’t fall for it. Get rid of Nathan Deal in the Republican primary. He is ultimately responsible for the GRU debacle.


PUTTING KIDS together with older kids is not the problem. Bring prayer back into schools.


A SCHOOL PRINCIPAL in California helped the school celebrate Black History Month by having a lunch menu that included corn bread, fried chicken and watermelon. And now she’s being slammed for it. I’m white and grew up on such a diet; and I still love it. What’s the matter with the politically correct weirdos?


SAVE MCG IN Augusta! Vote out Deal.


THE OTHER EVENING I left the dinner table to answer the telephone and I received a recording from John Barrow inviting me to a meeting. Since I am on the federal “do not call” list I called his office in Washington the next day and his staff member told me that the do not call list does not apply to politicians. I asked for them to not call me again and was told that they could not do that. Apparently Barrow does not respect anyone’s privacy. It’s time for him to leave Congress and get a real job.


WHY WOULD Augusta consider subsidizing GRU with $8 million? It is a state owned school.


DOES THE CONSTITUTION give the Federal Aviation Administration the authority to shoot down private drone aircraft inside the U.S. without knowing if the drone is friend or foe?