Rants & Raves

I WOULD LIKE TO thank the military man who stopped to help me with my flat tire on the side of the road on I-20 Wednesday. Not only do you provide a service for this country but you took a chance to stop and help out a stranger, which many wasn’t willing to do. Thank you so much and God Bless you!



ANOTHER TRAGEDY that should not have happened. The drowning of a 4 year old and the injury of a 9 year old in a cruise ship swimming pool is all because of the irresponsibility of the parents. Where were they when the children were in the pool? Who was watching out for the children’s safety? Is it just me but I sense that we are entering an era of irresponsible parenting!


MAYORAL CANDIDATES, you need to make it a priority to force Richmond County Board of Education to fix its school system. This is the No. 1 reason Augusta is bleeding potential growth to Columbia County. If RCBE will not fix its own house, then call in the legislative delegation to find a new school governance system for Richmond County.


IT’S TIME THAT POPE Francis addressed the sexual abuse of children by the clergy head on. This is one of the major catastrophes that have haunted the Catholic Church for years so why has he not tackled the issue on a priority basis? I don’t want to hear any more about forming a committee to study the problem since we already know all about it. Why has it taken an U.N. report to jolt the world into the reality of the situation?


THE ENTIRE FOOD stamp program needs to be changed. Drug testing for recipients should be mandatory. What you are able to buy with those entitlements needs to be scrutinized. And when you sell those privileges to criminals for pennies on the dollar in order to buy drugs, you should be sent to prison for theft and fraud. EVERYBODY knows what is going on and it is way past time for it to stop.


THERE IT GOES AGAIN, several times in an hour. The GRU bus that seats at least 80 people may have one or two riders but is normally empty hour after hour between Wrightsboro Road and the college. What a waste of taxpayers’ funds. The bus even runs late on Friday night when there are no classes!


WHY IF PRAYER IS banned in public schools is the board of education in McDuffie County allowing two groups to hold religious services in the high school and elementary school.