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ALTHOUGH I DO not want to go light on criminals, I feel that the private probation practices are nothing more than a money-making racket with the objective of milking the criminals of whatever cash they have. To make matters worse, our justice system goes a long way in condoning these practices. Let’s be reasonable and fair.


THE FARM BILL must be some sort of a joke. The majority of the money in this bill is for food stamps. Over the next 10 years, this bill would cost the taxpayers $956 billion ,with food stamps taking the most at $756.4 billion, 79 percent of the total. The 47 million food stamp recipients will fare very well!


NOT ALL DISABILITIES are visible, but those whose illnesses come and go are proud to park elsewhere when they can. To the young girl who jumped out of the white Town & Country van with the “We Say Merry Christmas” sticker at Publix today after parking in the handicapped space: I truly hope that you were experiencing a spell of great health that allowed you to practically run up to the store while talking on your cellphone. Surely you would not be taking advantage of someone else’s disability tag just to get a closer spot.


I LOVED WEDNESDAY’S Chronicle headline about the renovated women’s center.


A RANT TO THE ranter who stated that the Richmond County Board of Education “needs to stop wasting money on education. One segment of society cannot be taught to learn.” I was riled. I couldn’t fathom anyone being so narrow-minded and biased in the 21st century articulate and validate his/her ignorance. I challenge the person to identify this segment of society, and cite research supportive of his/her premise. This is the most asinine piece of bureaucracy I’ve read in a while; such egregious behavior can’t be excused.


TO THE RANTER in Blythe: I am not from your little town, but I know an unhappy camper when I read comments such as yours. The majority wins on this one. The library is very positive. You are very negative and very distant from what I have heard about this worthy project.


I WONDER HOW much of our taxpayer money was spent in the retrieving of data from Fred Russell’s hard drive? I hope someone is keeping tabs on the amount of money involved for the Marion Williams witch hunt. It must have taken a lot of time to retrieve the information and redact personal data such as Social Security numbers. It’s time for Williams to attend to the commission business.



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Rants and raves

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