Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


BEFORE SPRING BREAK begins, can responsible parents and guardians please teach your kids not to: run from police, attempt anything physical on any law enforcement officer, run around neighbors’ yards yelling and screaming, make rash phone calls (like idiotic jokes or hang-up calls)?


TRIPLE RAVES FOR someone remembering that there is an unsettled issue with the Augusta tax commissioner’s department – $25,000 of taxpayer money is missing! Who did the investigation and where is the money?


TO THE WOMAN who runs down Walton Way every morning at 4:50: I applaud your efforts at keeping fit. There’s a sidewalk so you don’t have to be in the road. Wear reflective clothing and not a dark sweater. There’s a sidewalk. I’ve almost hit you twice. There’s a sidewalk. Please use it before you get yourself killed.


CONGRESS SHOULD restrict EBT (food stamps) to nutritional foods like WIC does. Obesity is an epidemic in this country. If people are going to get “free money” to buy food, it should at least not be sodas and junk food.


SOME ACTOR DIES of a drug overdose and the news media go into overdrive. Frankly, I don’t care, and it shows how messed up this nation is if the majority of its citizens care.


HILLARY CLINTON IS being hailed as the next leader by the Democratic establishment after Obama vacates the White House. When will the uninformed voters realize the damage they will impose on this nation (“What difference does it make?”) if she becomes the puppet leader?


WHAT A SURPRISE to see Fred Russell pull out of the mayor’s race. It did not make sense for him to run anyway since he would end up right back with the dysfunctional group of commissioners who were always at odds with him. He is not running for mayor, but is he running from something else? I wonder what is the true reason why he suddenly pulled out. Did Marion Williams find something on his hard drive?


IS THIS THE SAME Brad Owens who used to insult former Mayor Bob Young in his column in Charles Walker’s old newspaper? I remember he wrote some very childish and mean-spirited things about the mayor. Why would anyone appoint him to a city authority? Someone did not do their homework?



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