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PRESIDENT OBAMA said that raising the minimum wage would not cost the government anything. Ano­­ther bald-faced lie. All government contracts are tied to the federal minimum wage. I hope Amer­­ica can survive until 2016.


WHEN OBAMA proclaims “Where Congress isn’t acting, I’ll act on my own,” he is confessing he’s breaking the U.S. Consti­tution.


THE U.S. DEPARTMENT of Justice has 117,000 employees, and yet, justice seems to be disappearing. We’re paying to hurt ourselves.


THE VA HOSPITAL in Augusta is being investigated. The problem has lasted for at least five years. Oba­ma has been in office for five years, and the buck is supposed to stop with him. Where is Congress?


NEWS KEEPS talking about the “recession’s end.” Look at the real world. The recession has not ended.


RAVE FOR GEORGIA Pow­er Co. We had a power outage in our neighborhood Sunday night. There was a bucket truck there in 15 minutes, and our power was restored in less than an hour. Thanks for being willing to serve and for being good at what you do.


I HOPE YOU Democrats watched the Obama interview with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News. Obama did not answer a single question and had the gall to blame Fox News for all his and his administration’s problems. I hope this interview opened a lot of eyes to just how pathetic he really is.


DON’T KNOCK THE letter carriers. They are out there doing their jobs.


GEORGIA GOV. Nathan Deal takes the blame for gridlock. How about Deal taking blame for GRU?


DOES ANYTHING good happen in Richmond County? Why don’t you print some good news to cheer people up?


THE HARLEM police needs to be overhauled.


THIS IS A RANT to Kay Allen. In her position, she should know the tax laws. Ignorance is not an excuse. She needs to go. Gov. Nathan Deal will not get my vote if he doesn’t remove her.


FOOD STAMPS ARE not for people who have worked all their lives and paid their way. My sister at the age of 56 was diagnosed with breast cancer and applied and received for two months. Once they found out she had a car payment, she no longer was eligible.



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Richmond County deputy stabbed

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