Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


RANT FOR OUR idiot government. Please tell me how giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants will help our economy?


THE ONLY PEOPLE to blame for the traffic problems during the recent snow flurries are the drivers of the cars. When the roads ice up, you are supposed to slow down and leave plenty of room between the cars in front of you.


THANK YOU VERY much, Dr. Leonard Little, for your wonderful care of work with me even on an early morning of a snow day. I greatly appreciate your dedication to keeping to the schedule during such weather.


TO THE PERSON who said that Columbia County has good, decent black and white men and women and for the bad ones to stay in Richmond County: Maybe you have not heard of all the meth houses that they bust in Columbia County. There is crime everywhere, no matter if you are in the ghetto or Beverly Hills.


THANK GOD THAT Blythe finally has a mayor who has an understanding of what it’s like to run a business. Now the building of the library should be halted immediately, and that money invested in installing Wi-Fi for all of its residents.


I AM A RETIRED Marine and recently have been denied a military discount because I was retired. I hope this is not a trend.


THANK YOU, President Obama. You have proved once and for all that government is totally inept trying to be business leaders. Maybe this will stop the ridiculous thought that government can take care of Americans cradle to grave.


BEING A SENIOR citizen and out later than usual on Sunday night, I felt a little uneasy about walking to my car at Wal-Mart in North Augusta. There was a young man named Justin pushing carts across the door, who kept watch until I got into my car. Raves to Justin; he has no idea how much I appreciated that help and how much safer I felt.


SUNDAY’S PAPER listed all of the area players who had played in past Super Bowls. Lincoln County’s Barney Bussey of the Cincinnati Bengals (1989, Super Bowl XXIII) and Jarius Wynn of the Green Bay Packers (2011, Super Bowl XLVI) were left off the list.


NO EXTRA HEAT in 10 years? Which Republican hole have you buried your head in? Stop that lying!