Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



MARION WILLIAMS wants to command where a city worker can live? Why not just assign the workers by throwing the dice for Section 8, mixed-used complexes or which private apartments? Why let them choose at all?


WE THE TAXPAYERS and citizens of Augusta-Richmond County have two burning questions. What was the outcome on the $25,000 missing from our tax commissioner’s office? What was the outcome from the slick lady that duped students from Butler High School in reference to the Washington, D.C., trip?


A BIG RAVE AND thank-you to the person or persons responsible for the right passing lane at Washington Road and Knob Hill Road.


NOW OBAMA WANTS to extend unemployment payments rather than create jobs for the unemployed. Unfortunately he has never created a job in his life and doesn’t know how. All he has to do is approve the Keystone pipeline, stop blocking fracking on federal land and void the anti-business rules the “tree huggers” at the EPA have imposed on American businesses. This would get the economy booming.


THE PROPERTY VALUES in south Richmond County are definitely going up. With all the improvements going on in south Augusta, we should try to improve ourselves and quit throwing our garbage on the streets.


THE PUSH FOR religious-themed caroling within public areas of the VA is just ridiculous. As a veteran of two recent conflicts who uses the VA for all primary care I would be incredibly put-off having to hear songs about someone else’s god. The VA is a MEDICAL facility, not a church, not a worship center, a hospital. A hospital where veterans of ALL faiths go to receive care after serving their country. Have some respect for them. I would have no problem asking them to not sing those songs including “god” or other religious themes.


PEOPLE ARE ASKING who gave that Bieber kid alcohol and drugs. I would like to know who rented him a $200,000 sports car when he does not have a driver’s license.


WOULD ANY OF our previous presidents allow 140,000 people in Syria to be slaughtered without action or interest?