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Let's continue the snow theme with today's photo for obvious reasons. Thanks debra Von Plinsky for sending it in. If you want a photo here, send me an email sean.moores@augustachronicle.com. I hope you all enjoyed the snow day. Be careful out there. The roads are supposed to be icy. - Sean

GOV. DEAL PRAISES DeKalb County schools for moving from a grade of F all the way up to a grade of D.



I AM SO THANKFUL that Marion Williams is in Richmond County and not in South Carolina. The people who voted for him deserve him. What a joke.


THE SCHOOLS MEAN so much to the community. I hope people will consider how the people the schools are named after will be perpetuated. What will the school be replaced with for the good of the community.


THE RESIDENTS OF Columbia County would surely welcome a new hospital only if GRU President Ricardo Azziz had nothing to do with it.


IT IS PRETTY OBVIOUS why Marion Williams wants to see Fred Russell’s files. He wants to see if he has something on him.


FOR THE PERSON thinking Gov. Chris Christie never accepted responsibility for the mess in New Jersey: You need to get your news from a different source than CNN or MSNBC. Christie did in fact accept full responsibility for the mess. He did fire staffers (President Obama has yet to fire anyone for anything), but he said he was ultimately responsible.


THERE’S A REASON Fox News’ rating is higher than both CNN and MSNBC combined. Honest, fair and balanced coverage of the news. Decency in journalism. When more people watch a news channel than the other two leading competitors combined, there has to be good reason. You can’t convince me there are more than twice as many conservatives than liberals watching the news.


THAT WAS A terrific story about the World War II vets. One thing: The story says a pilot “ejected” from a B-24 Liberator airplane. Did they have ejector seats in World War II?


I HAVE A REPLY to the rant about person in line for financial assistance power bill. A relative could have done the hairdo. That person might have polished her own fingernails. The designer clothes probably purchase from a thrift store. Possibly the new M.K. designer bag is a fake. You said they are on welfare. The person could be a CNA working in a nursing home at minimum wage. I am sure the income will be verified for eligibility for assistance.


REP. PAUL BROUN favors eliminating the federal EPA and the U.S. Department of Education. Excellent! First rate!



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Man shot in eye Friday afternoon