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This is a photo of my wife Dani making a snowman on her car last night around 10:30. A lot of people didn't make it into work today, so I'm pretty busy. Everyone have a good day and enjoy the snow. I'll be checking in periodically. Let me know if you need anything, and send me some snow photos to post here. sean.moores@augustachronicle.com - Sean

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GOV. DEAL “PRAISES” DeKalb County schools for moving from a grade of F all the way up to a grade of D.


HAVE YOU NOTICED that the “Knock Out” game is not being played in those areas where people can carry concealed weapons? Maybe the thugs are smarter than we thought.


YOU WONDER WHY you don’t have as many car wrecks with deer. I can sum it up in one word: coyotes. They are killing all the young deer.


I HAD OUR MEDICINE delivered from Barney’s Pharmacy. The delivery man was Kenny. When he left, he took a big bag of trash to the road for me. This is the second time he has done this. I really appreciate it. I had a total knee replacement about three months ago and that really helped me. They gave me good service and a good deed.


I WAS WONDERING if anyone has seen or heard from Al Gore lately. I wonder if he is up north.


AZZIZ MUST GO. He has once again lied to us in regards to GRU. He is not to be trusted. And now he wants to infiltrate Columbia County with his new hospital. He must go.


I AM SO THANKFUL that Marion Williams is in Richmond County and not in South Carolina. The people who voted for him deserve him. What a joke.


THE SCHOOLS MEAN so much to the community. I hope people will consider how the people these schools are named after will be perpetuated. What will the school be replaced with for the good of the community.


THE RESIDENTS OF Columbia County would surely welcome a new hospital only if Azziz had nothing to do with it.


IT IS PRETTY OBVIOUS why Marion Williams wants to see Fred Russell’s files. He wants to see if he has something on him.


FOR THE PERSON thinking Christie never accepted responsibility for the mess in N.J. You need to get your news from a different source than CNN or MSNBC. Christie did in fact accept full responsibility for the mess. He did fire staff (note that Obama has yet to fire anyone for anything), but he said he was ultimately responsible. Even knowing he personally would be investigated for any involvement he has absolutely denied any knowledge which leaves him no “out” if any personal connection is found. And BTW, I would never vote for Christie, I just hate to see incorrect facts stated about people.



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