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Today's pic is from the big snow of 1973? See a slideshow of images here: http://bit.ly/1esQdXt We're looking for snow photo submissions from today's storm. Send us your photos/videos and we may publish them online or in the print edition. You can upload them here: http://bit.ly/1aYnVWT or you can hashtag photos, videos and comments #augsnow on Facebook and Twitter. Everybody cross your fingers and be careful out there! - Sean

Comments from readers:



ALVIN MASON, please withdraw from the mayoral race. You have done nothing on the Augusta Commission; what makes you think you can run the city of Augusta?


THE ALLENS HAVE always been opportunists in Columbia County. When the population was Democrats, they ran as Democrats and were elected as Democrats. When the demographics changed, all of the sudden they were Republicans. Mrs. Allen knew the difference between right and wrong, and you don’t take advantage of people just because you can.


I WENT TO THE Border Bowl football game, and I couldn’t believe the horrible blaring music. It drove me out of the stadium. I will never go back.


I SPENT ABOUT seven hours at Trinity Hospital’s Day Surgery Center and in radiation. The staff was dedicated, professional and caring. They made me feel comfortable which helped me deal with my health issue. Keep it up.


A HUGE RANT TO the media who are already putting out polls projecting frontrunners in the 2016 elections. It’s 2014; we have elections this year. Not presidential, but guess what, no one has even announced they are running for president yet. These constant poll results, I feel, are there to “fix” the election candidates to the media’s choices. A lot of people think casting their vote for anyone other than the front-runner is a waste. This makes running for office by anyone else an uphill battle for competitors. Any poll results for president in 2016 need to be ignored by everyone at this time.


FOR THOSE complaining about the lights being red on certain streets in downtown. Those lights on those streets are timed. If you would bother to drive the speed limit or slightly under rather than whatever speed you think is OK, you would find you can drive through the entire downtown area without ever hitting a single red light on major streets. I found out about this over 30 years ago. I very seldom ever hit those lights you are complaining about.


ONLY IN AMERICA can a traffic jam cause more political harm to a presidential candidate than the lack of accountability displayed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the attack on an American Embassy and the killing of an American ambassador.


Mon, 08/21/2017 - 16:44

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