Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



REPUBLICANS, DON’T vote for Deal! Save MCG in Augusta. Vote for anyone else in the Republican primary, and if he wins the primary, vote for a Democrat in the general election. This is the only chance Augusta has to keep the medical college.


I DON’T LIKE RICK McKee’s cartoon about Christie. He is a real man.


I KNOW A YOUNG lady with six children who gets $1,200 on food stamps. Three of them don’t live there and she sells her food stamps. $1,200? Do you know how much food you can buy with $1,200?


I WOULD LIKE TO thank the nurse at Doctors Hospital who paid for mine and my sister’s breakfast. May God bless her. I really did appreciate it.


TO THE THUGS AND outlaws from Richmond County who are coming to Columbia County and shooting up our people, stay in Richmond County. We only have decent black and white people in Columbia County.


RANT AGAINST ABUSE of power. The New Jersey bridge occurrence brings to light the abuse of power on the local, state and federal level. God help the little people who have to tolerate this abuse.


THANK GOD FOR our military. They didn’t let anything happen to Charleston. Unlike our Democrats and Republicans who are asleep.


PEOPLE ARE complaining about not enough Medicaid. Why didn’t they go to work when they were young like I did? Instead they stayed home and had babies. Medicaid should be cut out except for the elderly and the severely handicapped. When is the government going to wake up and make these people go to work?