Rants & Raves

Today's reader pic comes from Sweet son. He says it is sunset over a center pivot irrigation system in western Burke County. Thanks for sending it in! Email photos to sean.moores@augustachronicle.com. Let me know if you want me to credit your user name or your real name or if you want to remain completely anonymous. Have a good day everybody. - Sean

Comments from readers:


HOW DO OUR business classes teach about morals and ethics in the business world when our higher-ups cannot lead with any such example? I hope this will not stain our beloved Hull College of Business.


WE NEED SAVE the A to come back out in force. Are there any more of those free stickers, posters and other stuff?


HOW COME YOU don’t post the security costs for former Presidents Bushes? What with your dictatorial attitude in telling our president and his family what they can do and not do? Go to a communist country if you want to try that. Don’t waste space commanding presidents when you can’t.


GEORGIA SOUTHERN’S head coach leaves and you put it on Page 7. UGA assistant coach leaves and it gets front page. The Eagle alumni in the area are getting fed up with the bias that this paper shows, along with all the Bulldog haters. And yes, contrary to your belief, there are many of both in this area.


AUGUSTA SUPER District 9 must have at least one person with good common sense and education who will run against Marion Williams when his Augusta Commission term is up. These recent episodes relating to Fred Russell’s hard drive and Williams’ insistence that employees live in the county are ludicrous.


IT’S SAD THAT city and county employees take money outside of this county. . I say put toll booths on every road into Richmond County to recoup some of that money.


MY FATHER, A World War II veteran, would be ashamed of the Augusta VA medical center for dictating to a group of children what Christmas carols they could sing to the veterans. My father and millions of brave men and women fought to keep such rights for us. If someone felt like the songs were offensive, they could just walk away. Why do the few dictate to the many? God bless America!


ABOUT THE BORDER Bowl, better luck next year, South Carolina.


RANT TO FORT Gordon people. I work at an all-you-can-eat buffet. It is a shame that you eat for free, but you can’t tip your waitress. No one wants to wait on you. Tip your waitress.


ANY BALLPLAYER who takes drugs should not be allowed to play. When they hit a home run, you don’t know who hit the home run – the player or the drugs inside him.