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This photo of our Jack Russell Terrier Little Budha was taken by my wife during his favorite pastime: watching for any sign of movement outside so he can protect the house. He is just like you would expect a Jack Russell to be, only more so: lots of energy; lots of fun. If you want me to post one of your photos here, send me an email. Have a good day everybody. sean.moores@augustachronicle.com - Sean

Comments from readers:



YET ANOTHER lie, to leave out Augusta from the August plans on signs on Georgia Regents University Augusta campuses. I’m only thankful that stunt was not pulled before now, but it wounds many of us just the same. How many more lies yet to come?


EVER SINCE OSAMA bin Laden eluded our troops in 2001 at Tora Bora, I’ve not seen him in a single new video or photograph. All we have is that old video of a shepherd with a stick walking among rocks. We aren’t allowed to see a picture of his body? Is the rumor that he lived past 2001 a hoax?


I WISH SOME of your really ignorant ranters would go back to Washington, D.C.


THIS IS A RANT for the Columbia County Commission and Gov. Nathan Deal to allow Kay Allen and her commissioner husband to remain in office. How do they expect to get a fair and untarnished investigation when the fox has access to and the keys to the henhouse?


WHAT ABOUT investigating what the new names of Georgia Personnel and CSRA Classic Charity are going by now? And how is that charity doing? Are any real scholarships being given by it at all?


THAT WAS QUICK, a federal investigation of Chris Christie already. If only the same response was given to the Benghazi attack, the IRS scandal, etc., they would all have been resolved by now. Has this something to do with Chris Christie vs. Hillary Clinton in 2016?


I AM GLAD that someone is seriously addressing the motorist vs. bicyclist issues that have been floating around for years. Wheel Movement CSRA is to be commended in taking the lead for educating cyclists and motorists on Georgia’s bicycle laws. I hope their efforts will cause the elimination of bicyclist deaths. We all need to be able to live while using the roads.


SENIORS WITH PETS need to be aware that there is an organization called Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society that can assist them in caring for their pets particularly, when they are in declining health or have limited finances. It is gratifying to see that there are organizations willing to help our seniors.


CONCERNING THE useless war Bush started: I said that after we lost billions and lost thousands of brave lives we would eventually leave and things would revert to the way they always are. Great job, George! I bet the GOP doesn’t like to talk about such things.


Thu, 08/17/2017 - 23:54

Rants and raves