Rants & Raves

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A BIG RANT against those people who ran their sprinklers during the very cold spell. Do they realize that they caused problems for pedestrians who were trying to navigate sidewalks and driveways? Please have a little consideration for others!


BIG RAVE FOR THE carrier named Josh that delivers the paper in Ivy Falls. GREAT JOB!


IF KAY ALLEN and her husband had a shred of common sense, they would both resign from their offices.


I BET IF THE almighty Dawgs named a new head football coach it would be on the front page of this paper. Georgia Southern gets on page 7 with the hiring of its new coach. That is just wrong and blatantly biased. Very unprofessional and highly disrespectful to the many Eagle fans in this area.


RAVES TO THE Georgia Southern Eagles for having a high graduation rate as part of the requirements for the new head coach. Unlike the billionaires in Athens, the Eagles don’t get the five star recruits who only come to college to wait on the NFL. The Eagles get recruits who come to college to get an education. Isn’t that the way it is supposed to work?


THE VA IS A government facility, no? Then we need that separation from religion. If any group claims they are Christian but must be able to sing to the masses at their will, then they are not real Christians. They can’t take care of their own in their own churches so they expect to preach, if only by Christmas songs, in public and claim that right. How would they like it if a group were to sing songs about other religions anywhere they liked? That’s why you HAVE to regulate religious groups to certain areas and not force people to hear constant religious stuff of ANY religion.


INSTEAD OF WASTING stupid time trying to impeach our president and trying to control what he says to foreign countries, our other so-called leaders of the Republican ilk need to get cracking on being productive before being turned out of office this year! You are not part of any solution with your sick, often cruel yapping! You are all letting too much monies go out unchecked with lending to companies or barking too shrilly about even any little tax increase at all for the upper income. Or not caring that monies are placed and stored in Cayman Islands and other non-US territories just to not pay any taxes on them.


Wed, 08/23/2017 - 19:15

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