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THESE SO-CALLED lawn services that charge a fortune to just come by and “blow and go” need to be held accountable for simply blowing yard debris from a yard or business into the streets, where your yard waste becomes your neighbors’ or the taxpayers’ problem. They either need to remove the debris that they are paid to clean up or they need to be ticketed for litter.


WHY IS IT THAT when anything in the Obama administration goes wrong, conservatives say that he should shoulder the blame, but now that Chris Christie is throwing his aides under the bus, all is mum? Be fair.


I SAW YOU AND your friends in line for financial assistance with your power bill. You had a very expensive hairdo, freshly painted fingernails, and you were wearing designer clothes. Not to mention your brand-new M.K. designer handbag. You are what is wrong with America. Abusing welfare, expecting hardworking people to finance your life.


SINCE I AM nobody, maybe you will print this rant. There is a serious flaw in the fabric of our society when a good man like Phil Robertson is blasted for expressing his opinion on homosexuality and the Bible. And yet the Kardashians are put on a pedestal for being totally void of any morals. Being politically correct is wrong.


RANT FOR LOWELL Green­baum. This nation was not founded on nonproductive welfare people. It was founded with self-reliant, hardworking and productive people. Giving welfare to thousands of people takes them out of the taxpaying workforce forever. This country is $17 trillion in debt now. Increasing that debt is insanity. As you know, the government will help for only three years, and then it is the state’s responsibility to keep it up. Why do you want to bankrupt Georgia?


CORGIMOM, MUCH light and love for you as you go through the difficult time of having the “suspicious spot” checked on. Don’t lose heart. I’ve had suspicious lumps for years now and so far, every single one has turned out benign. I also had pre-pre-cancerous cells elsewhere that were successfully flushed out. So cancer free! I wish the same for you in good results.


I WANT TO GIVE a rave to a young lady named Rose at the McDonald’s on Walton Way. She is a sweetie, and she is always being nice to people.


MARION WILLIAMS needs to take an English class because his language is atrocious.



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