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MY RANT IS TO the Richmond County Board of Education. My son was sexually harassed by a female student in elementary school and nothing is being done about it. The student has a history of bullying and bad behavior. I have spoken with several people in the office and have yet to have a meeting with anyone. Now my husband and I have made ourselves available but we think they are not treating this seriously enough.


LOBSTER TAILS paid for with an EBT card ... really! I saw it with my own eyes while I using coupons and counting my money to see if I had enough to purchase bare necessities.


THIS TOWN NEEDS more businesses with free access to Wi-Fi.


HARLEM’S POLICE CHIEF is just like the rest of them. He won’t help you.


THE FOLKS WHO CAN’T seem to understand that global warming does not heat up the planet overnight like an oven should think twice before punching “send.” Climate change has various effects, so yes, it can get cold, too. Maybe they should stick to something close to their minds, like 40-watt light bulbs.


THE DRIVERS WHO HOG the passing lanes should be held responsible for any accident within a half-mile of them. Impeding the flow of traffic is just as illegal, just as dangerous, as driving too fast. Those tailgaters in your mirror: You put them there.


RANT TO THE PEOPLE who are blaming President Obama for stopping the Christmas music being played at the VA. This shows why the South lost the Civil War. These people are the remnants of the ignorance of the South.


OUR SOLDIERS ARE the heroes. No one in Washington, D.C., deserves a paycheck.


THE VA IS ONLY following policy because it has to. It is not the VA that makes the policy. One person disapproving of Christmas carols can stop everyone from hearing them.


WE SHOULD ALL FEEL great now after giving our Christmas present to the Italian auto industry. Fiat will take control of Chrysler and thanks the taxpayers for the $12 billion bailout gift. Through a deal with the Obama administration, Fiat paid no money in acquiring Chrysler and used Chrysler’s profits to stay afloat. Congratulations, UAW/Chrysler; now you’re hostage to the Italian economy and the brilliant management team at Fiat.



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Rants and raves

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