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A RANT TO THOSE who post about Obamacare without knowing what they are talking about. Those without health insurance before Obamacare – 30 million. Congressional Budget Office projections for those without health insurance after Obamacare – 30 million. Obamacare is going to increase most premiums, co-pays and deductibles. Hardly affordable health care for most Americans.


I ALWAYS WONDER why young women who have children and receive food stamps for the kids never seem to spend them on the children you see them with in the grocery store.


WE KNOW IT WAS not Mother Nature or vandals who cut the dere­lict boats loose from the docks in downtown Augusta. Neither of them carries bolt cutters. Ask yourself who would benefit most from those boats being gone.


I PARTICIPATE IN THE University Hospital
MY Chart program, and it is a great program. I only wish all doctors and nurses would keep it up-to-date and reply to inquiries (e-mails). I had an appointment in January 2013 marked as not kept, yet it was never scheduled. Other scheduled appointments were never posted. Managers of the program should implement a system that ensures doctors and nurses follow through.


TO DATE, THE taxpayers have paid $678 million on the Obamacare Web site. You do know that there are only 318 million people eligible to apply? Why did we just not give each of the 318 million that are eligible $2 each and save $42 million?


IT IS GREAT TO live in a county where the county can afford to spend upwards of $1 million for a skateboard and BMX facility. This same county cannot provide affordable facilities for community programs such as square dancing.


THE U.S. DEPARTMENT of Agriculture is now allowing schools to serve more meat with meals. Can’t anybody in Congress figure out that the Constitution gives no authority to the federal government to have a say in what kids eat?


PRESIDENT OBAMA and his children are back in Washington while the first lady gets to stay in Hawaii for another two weeks. Who is picking up that $100,000 tab? We need a leader, not a dictator.


IT’S ODD HOW none of the liberal media are mentioning that the ship frozen in down in the Antarctic was on a global warming research expedition and that it is summer in the Antarctic.



Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:14

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