Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I HEARD THAT Fred Rus­sell might run for mayor. I’ve seen the video right after he was fired, and for a man to still talk positive about the future of Augusta says a lot about the man’s character.


I WOULD LIKE to know why would Paine College want to lower its standards by hiring Fred Russell? I thought Paine had more class than that.


IN RESPONSE TO the ranter who thinks Glynn Moore had a senior moment: You need to understand that Kwanzaa is not a holiday. It is an observance. He did not have a senior moment.


THIS IS A RANT to anyone and everyone who gripes about the low wages of police officers. First of all, there’s no draft. They’re cops because they want to be cops. Second, they have the right to organize a labor union just like everybody else in America and participate in collective bargaining.


AFTER LOOKING AT the long lines in Colorado to buy marijuana, I ask: Why are there so many potheads? Is life that hard to handle? Try God.


I READ BILL KIRBY’S column Jan. 2 about Democrats and Repub­licans, and I think it’s slander and I will never, ever read his column again.


ON A FRIDAY night while out to dinner, my 87-year-old sister passed out. I want to thank the staff of Old McDonald’s because they were so helpful. They brought a wet cloth, ice and had a wheelchair for our use. We deeply appreciate two others who also helped. One was at the table beside us, and the other was a nurse who stayed with us until the ambulance came. There are so many wonderful people in this area. Thank you.


SHAME ON THE Target Corp. for not giving their employees at least a gift card for Christmas.


RANT TO YOU parents who have kids graduating this year. If you are not in contact with your family, don’t send me an invitation because they will not be getting a gift from me.


THANK YOU TO the woman who helped me pay for my groceries at Wal-Mart on Saturday. I give her the praise and God the glory. He has some good people in this world.


THE MONEY THAT was taken out of Medicare should be put back.


RAVES TO NURSES Jennifer and Crystal in post-op at University Hospital. They took excellent care of me. Jennifer, thanks for you keeping my family informed.