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A HUGE RANT to whoever is running the Augusta Marina. What do you have to do to get fuel for your boat? No one is ever there, and they do not answer the phone.


I’M GLAD FOR Obama­care. It’s not fun to be kicked off of pay help for cancer costs and deemed “too risky” for coverage. I know insurance can’t pay everything but it will, thankfully, be more fair and helpful.


THERE ARE ALREADY too many spoiled so-called poor people grabbing at food and clothes just on the basis of a few dollars less in foods stamps, which was an extra when times were rougher. Did they ever consolidate the agencies in Augusta so they shared a list of the poor people so they don’t send the same person to five food giveaways?


A RANT TO the Augusta VA hospital for not allowing the school group to sing Christmas carols for the recovering veterans because someone would find it offensive. I find it offensive, and so does my husband, who is a World War II veteran. We live in the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” but the brave are not free to listen to Christmas carols. How sad that as Americans we are no longer free. What happened to our rights?


SO YOU DON’T like Obamacare? What better ideas can you come up with? None in years by teas and Republicans besides spitting out hate and lies.


THE VA AND other federal offices took Christmas Day off, but for some reason they won’t let Christmas carolers sing religious songs. I believe it is surely a war on Christmas.


TALKING HEADS ask: “What will happen if Obamacare fails?” It already has.


I GUESS THE Augusta utilities department needed to generate more revenue by having everyone’s water bill due date shift two days backwards every month till May 2014 and then charge penalty fees when you miss the roaming due dates. That’s Richmond County for you.


ALL HUMANS ARE sinners, yet gays are angry at Phil Robertson for telling the truth. Apparently, gays believe they are not sinners.


THE U.S. government spends more than $1.5 billion a year at garment factories overseas, so one would think there would be a heavy involvement by the U.S. to improve working conditions in these factories. Sadly, this is not the case even after several disasters. We need to be the world leader who strives to make a big difference in the conditions at these factories.



Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:28

Rants and raves