Rants & Raves

GOOD GRIEF, THEY kicked out Fred Russell? Better hope the mayor and mayor pro tem are up to doing the work.



WHY WE BOUGHT over a BILLION dollars worth of helicopters from Russia for use in Afghanistan? Bribery and corruption.


HEY, IF YOU THINK GRU-some was bad with the dogs and primates, what do you think of the pet cemeteries? Go to the Web site www.gru.edu, then using the magnifying glass to look, type in “pet cemete” so you can get either cemeteries or cemetery. What on earth do they have those pet cemeteries for?


WELL, IT IS ONLY right that we be better inclusive in this day and age! The VA just needed to have made their policy better known sooner. Yes, it’s great the kids want to push Christian music on people to listen but unless they agree to a room, they should not expect to get to just preach at people, even with music. There ARE different religions here and they are not going away just because people want to insist that 200 years ago, only one religion was known and used. Not that it’s been used that well, anyway. Heck, Christians claim they cannot teach enough of it to their own kids and keep trying to wrongfully push it on everyone in public schools! That’s proof right there that Christianity CANNOT work!


NOW THAT THERE’S an Augusta State man in the Regents board, when are we finally going to get the funds to make up for the deprivations of even basic cost of living increases to the workers who are left there before the Depression started (before arrival of Azziz)?


PEOPLE STILL PROTESTING the Affordable Care Act better pay attention. Why keep lying on the info and dragging it down and back? Do you really want to pay for all the meds for all the folks who won’t get insurance because they want US to pay for them?


OH DANG, ANOTHER good man gone. Rest in peace, Karnig! Much light and love to your wife, Mary.


A POLL CHRISTMAS EVE said only 35 percent of Americans now approve of Obamacare. Obama has given us death and destruction. And finally, a clear majority of Americans both recognize and admit that. After decades of school groups singing Christmas carols to vets at the VA hospital, suddenly, somebody (clearly Obama) has ruled that such singing is against the law. The U.S. is fast falling into a muddy ditch of anti-Christ weirdness.