Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


THANKS TO BLOOD donors who have saved my life more than once and enabled this old lady to enjoy another Christmas.


A BIG THANKS and a rave for the young lady who paid our bill Sunday at a Furys Ferry sub sandwich shop. It would have been a big sacrifice for us to do that when we were her age. God bless you. Our country is in good hands with young people like this.


I AGREE WITH Susan McCord’s article. Augus­ta Commissioners should not receive free fuel for their automobiles. Instead, their monthly salary should be raised from $856 to $4,856.


THANK GOODNESS for President Obama. He isn’t perfect but he does have good ideas, such as the Affordable Care Act, with the good of the people in mind. Now if only the hate-filled lies spouted by the tea party and Republicans can just go slip down the gutters to the sewers. Let’s get some common sense out there who can help the people.


PRESIDENT OBAMA says he might “take further (military) action” in South Sudan, a new country that is a battlefield of “tribal rivalries.” The U.S. has no business wading into such a mudhole. Does he want us in another war?


RANT TO ALL the liberals who claim there is no war against Christians. Muslims do not tolerate gays, gay marriage, adultery, immodesty or bestiality. This is basically what Phil Robertson believes. The only difference is Phil has a different God. Yet we are forced to be tolerant of Muslims and accept their religious beliefs and we are supposed to be appalled at the Duck Dynasty patriarch’s beliefs and accept A&E’s putting him on suspension?


GLYNN MOORE, shame on you for saying there is only Christmas in December. Did your senior moment time travel forward for you to forget Kwanzaa? Wake up, man.


AREA BROADCASTERS, please do a better job of inserting local commercials into the weekend network news shows. Especially egregious has been the treatment of the Sunday programs on CBS. Local commercials run long, cutting into the news segments on the CBS Sunday Morning and 60 Minutes programs. It’s tough sometimes to tell what the segments are about when you’re missing the first 30 seconds.


STOP FALSELY blaming Obama for stuff. He’s done a lot of positives. We are in better view of the world than the tongue-twisting antics of Cowboy George Bush. We are more respected.