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WHEN SOMEONE says they are not doing this for the money, you know it’s for the money. Kenya James is not fooling anyone when she said she wasn’t looking for financial gain; $55,000 is not a bad payout. She now needs to take on the responsibility for her son, in particular making sure that he does not roam around late at night.


I DO NOT HAVE a subscription, but I purchase your paper on a regular basis. I am very upset to hear that The Coupon Lady will no longer be a part of your paper. I personally have found her to be extremely helpful and an addition to your paper and the community. I would hope that you would reconsider.


WHAT A BUNCH of rip-off artists. Marion Williams, Grady Smith, Corey Johnson and Bill Fennoy should be ashamed of themselves for using these gas cards while out joyriding. To make them, and all commissioners, accountable to the taxpayers a better approach would be for them to keep a log of their travels and then get paid for the actual miles traveled on commission business.


A PRESIDENTIAL advisory panel has recommended sweeping changes to government surveillance programs. I wonder when President Obama reads the recommendations will he sweep them under the rug like he did the Simpson-Bowles plan addressing the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility Reform? Is this an exercise in futility just to show that he is doing something?


RANT TO THE Chronicle. One wonders, as the proud grandparent of one of the Fox Creek High School varsity boys basketball team, just why I can see his team’s scores and his individual accomplishments in the Columbia newspaper, but not The Augusta Chronicle?


I SEE WHERE the so-called Revs. Sharpton and Jackson are shaking down businesses to extort money because you sinned. Now you pay up so they can put it in their offering plates or pockets for the less-informed. Big mouths, big pockets, big money for them.


CONGRESS WON’T change itself. Congress has an approval rating of 8.4 percent, and earned it.


I’VE TRIED TO watch a few episodes of Duck Dynasty; I really have. It’s just so tediously boring.


THERE IS AN attempt at a “bloody, violent purge of Christianity in other parts of the world” Alas, except for the “bloody, violent,” there is also an attempted purge going on inside the U.S., led by weirdos of various sorts.


Thu, 08/17/2017 - 01:43

Rants and raves