Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


A RANT TO the Augusta VA Hospital for not allowing the school group to sing Christmas Carols for the recovering veterans because someone would find it offensive. Well, I find it offensive and so does my husband who is a World War II veteran. Both our neighbors who are also veterans find it offensive. We live in the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” but the brave are not free to listen to Christmas carols. How sad that as Americans we are no longer free. What happened to our rights?

SO SAD TO HEAR that the coupon lady’s column will be cut.

ALL PASTORS should be able to be political in their churches. All churches should be taxed.

I DON’T WANT you to quit publishing the Coupon Lady’s articles! This is the kind of stuff people need to help them in these hard economic times. I think you should keep her on permanently. If you want to change anything ask her to broaden her articles to something other than just using coupons to save money on groceries, like how to save on eating out and buying things in the mall and online. I know more people would love to know things like this.

JUST READ THE story about Charles Walker’s release from prison in The Chronicle. Right in the middle of the article was a quote from Bill Fennoy stating the he didn’t think Walker had done anything wrong. And he’s an Augusta commissioner? Does the city need to be worried about Fennoy since he must not know right from wrong?

SO, VA HOSPITAL man Brian Rothwell calls stopping Christians from singing their carols at the VA “respect for every faith…” Clearly, this is DISrespect for Christianity. This man is speaking the same weird lingo that spews out of Washington.

THANKS TO Chambliss and Isakson for throwing military retirees and veterans under the bus. Old RINOs doing what they do best. Watching out for themselves instead of the people that put them in office.

WHY WOULD YOU cancel something that benefits the public? Oh wait, this is The Chronicle and you are only concerned with your “NUMBERS”! Your numbers have been wrong for years. Your subscriptions are down because of the service your customers get ... because the price keeps increasing and because you keep eliminating articles that MAKE SENSE!