Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



STEALING IS STEALING no matter if you get caught or not. You take something that is not rightfully yours for your personal use. No matter if it’s from your employer, your neighbor, your family. The only difference between a person going to jail and a person not – you have not been caught with the goods or no one told on you. You know who you are.


RAVE FOR THE Affor­da­ble Care Act. Although our plan was canceled, with patience and perseverance my family obtained affordable insurance through the exchange with slightly better coverage than what we had in 2013. Now we are working directly with an insurance company just like always with the normal customer support. Shame on Georgia for not expanding Medicaid. I notice we have no trouble accepting federal money for preschool programs.


REGARDING WELFARE recipients, how does your ranter know that most recipients are single mothers, children and the elderly? Must be an undercover agent for the IRS! I am 82, live alone and have medical issues but I live on the Social Security I worked for and have never asked for welfare. Here is the answer: Don’t have children you can’t afford. Why should taxpayers pay to raise them?


GREAT NEWS THAT a Joint Task Force and the Cyber Center will be coming to Fort Gordon. With both commands being headed by three-star generals, maybe the post will reopen the Officers Club.


I APPLAUD THE fact that Fort Gordon will be the cyber command center, but I wonder how much “local” talent will be used in designing and construction of these facilities.


I BELIEVE AT BIRTH we should give all babies a copy of the DMV driver’s manual and then maybe by the time they are old enough to drive they will know the rules of the road.