Let's wrap up 2013's news

Inherent in the definition of news is what has recently occurred or was previously unknown.


This news is presented as snapshots in time, reflections of a single day or a single event. In the moment when news is happening, you rarely know what its long-term reach will be.

Once a year, though, news organizations look back on the year before it concludes. They offer lists and specials, slideshows and short film; trends and recaps to explain the year that was. But with so much to explain, they merely sum up.

Those summaries are an advantage not available when news breaks.

Pulling these events together to be sorted, ranked and examined side by side gives an opportunity for perspective. Perspective helps separate the wheat from the chaff.

The Augusta Chronicle is no different.

For the past week, Public Service Editor Mike Wynn has been counting down the top stories of 2013.

Among the highlights were the challenges of the merger of Augusta State and Georgia Health Sciences universities into one university, an unexpected summer of rain, the saga of a GreenJackets move and Project Jackson, and, of course, the plan to designate downtown a slum.

Those recaps have also come with updates or pending status on changes. This provided some opportunities with the digital presentation of the stories – as some of the headlines reflected the latest turn of the screw, while the focus of most of the story was a retelling of the events.

Today’s paper contains a page of notable people from our area who died in 2013, gathered by Online News Director Bill Kirby.

On Sunday, you will be treated to a recap of award-winning editorial cartoonist Rick McKee’s favorites in the Opinion section.

James Folker’s Sunday Life section will feature both the top stories and trends in entertainment – where selfies and Miley Cyrus abide along with lists of books, movies, food and more inside.

There is also a two-page spread of The Chronicle staff’s top photographs. Our five-person staff of multimedia journalists had a terrific year in 2013.

Though the still images in Sunday’s paper will be poignant reminders of their work, the digital slideshows of their favorite work online are very powerful. As activated subscribers of The Chronicle, you can access these photos (and everything else online) over and over again. Find these slideshows at our homepage: augustachronicle.com.

In Sunday’s Business section, Business Editor Tim Rausch takes a look at the top 10 stories that drove the economy and markets.

Tuesday marks the end of the year – and with it – the final of our top stories (the removal of Fred Russell as city administrator and the appointment of the mayor as acting administrator).

And then, Wednesday starts a new year. And we start it all over again.



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