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RAVE TO STEPHEN Don­ohue and the River Club Home­owners Asso­cia­tion for finding a way to halt progress on Project Jackson.

DON’T CARE ABOUT Mandela. Or Obama. Or Jimmy Carter. Bush, Bush and Chris Christie, the same. What concerns me is keeping my health plan and my job. Taxes and food costs are going up. So … bring our troops home. Close the borders. And get some leadership that will get our nation moving again.

WHEW, THEY REALLY up and fired Fred! OK, so does that mean the commissioners can better do the budget without dipping into reserves?

AUGUSTA PUBLIC Transit, you really need to be able to cover instances where there is an unfortunate leakage of body fluids. Please have stuff to either clean the buses, or something to mark the “unclean” seat, or pull the “dirty” bus off the line to be properly cleaned and dried. You should know that it’s considered a health hazard when bodily fluids are leaked.

WHAT IS UP with you people who think it’s funny to drive by someone walking and splash puddle water on them?

WHEN CONSIDERING an increase in the minimum wage, always remember that most union wages are tied to the minimum wage and go up along with it. Don’t let the Demo­crats fool you into thinking that they care about minimum wage workers.

MOVING FORWARD! Al­though I no longer live in Augusta, I am happy to learn that Augusta will possibly move forward in the future, after firing Fred Russell. I personally believe he was a hindrance, cocky and arrogant, rather than being in place for the people and the city. Great job and now make progress. City of Augusta, stand up!

RECENTLY A RANT was made in regards to the Rich­mond County Sher­iff’s Department not going after red light runners and folks without brake lights. There are too many!

IT IS ABSOLUTELY deplorable how the Augusta Com­mission fired the city administrator in such a back-stabbing way, right after he publicly mentioned retiring. They should be glad that Russell put up with them for so long!

IF OBAMA CAN walk across the stage in South Africa and shake the hand of communist leader Raul Castro, why can’t he walk across the aisle and extend a hand to opposition leaders here at home? He needs to learn from Nelson Mandela.


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:11

Rants and raves