Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


ALL TOO OFTEN we think of bikers as troublemakers. That’s not the case with the members of the Christian Motorcyclist Association and a handful of volunteers who have banded together to create Christmas care packages for inmates at the Jenkins Correctional Center in Millen, Ga. Cathy Johnson, a member of the Heaven’s Thunder Ryderz chapter, says this is one way to show inmates that people on the outside still care.


IT IS ALWAYS NICE TO SEE our younger generation men­tioned positively in the paper. Freshmen Jiseok Choi, Sam Dong and Hannah Huang are three such people who competed in Mu Alpha Theta’s Rocket City Math Competition in the junior division. They had the honor of being placed 15th in their division. Congratulations, mathletes, you did a great job.


A HUGE RAVE to Publix and their employees. Our special needs children at A.B. Merry are so grateful that you sponsor them every Christmas with your time and presents!


CONGRATULATIONS to Cross Creek High and graduation coach Sha­Ron Dukes for improvement in graduation rates. Continued kudos to Da­vid­son and Johnson schools for maintaining their 100 percent graduation rates. There are still too many schools in Richmond County under par, however.


I’D LIKE TO THANK the Augusta-Richmond Coun­ty Fire Department for the gift basket and gift cards we widow ladies receive every year. Thank you so much.


RAVES AND THANKS to Chrissie, who personally escorted me at Georgia Regents University when I was lost and late for an appointment.


A BIG RAVE FOR the Rich­mond County sheriff’s deputy who waited with me while I waited for my husband to arrive after my Mazda broke down on Bobby Jones Expressway. I didn’t get your name, but I really appreciate your effort.


THANKS TO JUDGE Wade Padgett. He sentenced a man to two years for killing that puppy. The puppy was defenseless, and he stood up for him.


RAVES TO ANNIE Rogers, who works at Harlem Middle School. She is kind and caring. I thank her for all she does.


RAVES TO THE “ANGEL” in line at the Grovetown post office who offered to take our packages to the counter and pay the postage when my wife had a panic attack. The Christmas spirit is alive and well.