Empty Stocking donations

Previously acknowledged $89,369.81



In memory of Dr.G. Lennard Gold and Hobart Newton $30

In memory of Eleanor, Larry, William Murphy, Joe and Ruby Meredith $25

For Mama, Daddy, Henry, Larkin, Max and Putney $25

Honoring James, Sullins, Bennett, and Marion Becton $100

In honor of our grandson Hayes $50

In honor of our grand blessings:MacKenzie, Laleigh, Madison, Felicity, Alden, Dawson, Jared and Max $40

In loving memory of “Papa T”- Terry Lunceford $50

In memory of Arthur Yelverton $25

In loving memory of my husband Eugene Graf $50

In memory of Andrew and Robert from Carolyn and Langdon Atkins $50

In loving memory of my son Greg Schweitzer $50

In loving memory of Ward Claussen $25

In memory of Anna Lois and Johnny Sims $25

In memory of Newton Theodore “Ted” Gilmer from Hazel Gilmer and Family $25

In memory of Lawrence J. Murphy $100

In honor of all veterans $35

Jane and Jim Quarles $100

In memory of Charlie and Reba and Biba and Pink $100

Anonymous $19.06

Shirley Ann Cody $50

Pete Hobgood $10

In appreciation to Teacher Education faculty and staff at GRU $100

In honor of our grandchildren: Mason, Madden, Britton Kate, Callie and Cullen $50

Sheila Crosby $100

Anonymous $20

Cristol Johnson $50

Philip Zapp $100

In loving memory of my grandparents, Cecil and Ruby Earp $100

In thanks for our blessings, Rob and Lori Turner $50

Y.A.M. You Always Matter $10

Stephanie Lipecky $100

In loving memory of Stephania Szocinski, Doris Paul and Eugenia Lyles $75

In honor of T.W. and Lucy Elizabeth Keith Millican $750

Episcopal Day School Dress Down $661

In appreciation of the Rev. Kelsey L. Hutto by Adam Wray Tylen $10

In memory of “Happy Patterson” $35

In memory of Pop & Tracy $50

In honor of the Lakeside Band $50

In loving memory of Grandma Irma, Love Natasha & Peter Flores $50

In honor of Bridge lunch group Trisha, Sadie, Louise, Shell, Mamie Susan & Evalyn $150

Amy M. Jerome $52.40

Lewiston Elementary Third Graders $140

“Merry Christmas” Ken and Richard Baily-Bailey Development, LLC $250

Anonymous $50

In memory of my husband Reuben, son Randy, parents Harve and Maggie Quarles, and brother Kinzel $50

Jessie and Tammy Dees $25

The Dunbar’s $25

In loving memory of my husband Charles V. Odom - Love Louise Odom $50

In loving memory of Gerald “Pops” Phalin and Beth “Mimi” Phalin $50

George T. Richard $25

In memory of Eben Beasley and Edwin Coursey from Blue and Darlene $100

In memory of my son Ronnie McNew $25

Merry Christmas from Anne Garris $25

Ebernezer Scrooge $20

Woodman Of The World $200

In memory of Walter & Ruby Patrick $100

Calvin Jones $25

In loving memory of my father and brother - Bill and Marty McIntosh - We love and miss you very much $20

Anonymous $35

In memory of Catherine (Kitty) Hopkins $25

Wilson and Cook Family $106

Dana M. Wilhelmi $50

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Bill and Judy Lillis $40

Lorraine Seeby $20

In memory of David Stokely $25

Gracie and Michael Joyce $25

Ruth Camarote $10

From the staff of Pine Hill Cafeteria $50

“In memory of Col K.B. Facey” from Ms. Faye Y. Facey $25

Dr. and Mrs. James Puryear $50

Alpha Delta Kappa Omicron Chapter Teachers Sorority $100

In memory of Bill Brunkow, Hugh Inglett, Tony Ivey, Rick Montgomery and Wes Hutto $50

In honor of Ellie Kate and Tripp Jones $100

In memory of Eugene Grove $25

Roosevelt and Juanita Walker $100

Anonymous $50

In honor of Hadden, Mary Lorie K, Charlie, Harper and Grace from NeNe $100

N Bell $20

Atlas and Abel $40

In memory of Joe R. Owens, Cynthia F. Owens and Sammie L. Owens $20

Outreach Inc. $491

Hiru Patel $35

Goodfellas Sunglass Discounts $50

In memory of Jimmie Dyess and Donald Holleder $250

Alan Busby $50

Terence Egan $100

We Believe! Raley, Anne Sutton and Scout $50

Jennie Randrup $100

James Thorpe $100

Lauren Erramuzpe $75

In honor of Karen and Phillip Morgan $150

In loving memory of Jamie Bartley $50

Michael Small $75


Previously reported in error:


In honor of all Veterans of foreign wars from T.R. Reddy 1000.00

From Leon LeBlanc In memory of Stephanie LeBlanc and Donna LeBlanc 300.00


Total today $7,369.46

Total this year $96,739.27