News comes in big, small doses each week

I trust you enjoyed reading all the breaking news in this week’s paper as much as we enjoyed reporting it.


What a wonderful text alert announcing that the Army Cyber Command was coming to Fort Gordon.

Current and former officials getting into and out of trouble. The mayor being named as acting administrator. A wild news week in Augusta.

But breaking news is just a small part of what goes into the paper each day.

Stories of celebration and triumph. Stories of recognition and milestones. Stories keeping watch by night on local officials and institutions.

Big stories and little stories. And stories about life in Augusta, circa 2013.

Beyond the stories are lots of pieces of information – some loosely defined as news – and other staples and standing items that might get overlooked if not used every day.

Calendars. Comic strips. Recipes. Obituaries. Columns on gardening and outdoor adventures.

And the puzzles, such as the crossword, which as a game is 100 years old.

Television listings for prime-time shows. And other listings for just the sports on TV tonight. Lottery numbers. And editorials. Letters to the editor and the Rants & Raves.

And the weather page, with which I discover that next week is not looking so good for a white Christmas and any dreams I have of one.

Today is the start of winter and my discontent with the lack of Christmas snow.

Although I grew up in New Jersey, I can remember only a few years that it snowed on Christmas.

Like 1985, when a couple of friends and I went to a midnight Christmas Eve Mass in a neighboring town.

It wasn’t snowing when Rob Bader, a high school classmate, picked me up in his old Volkswagen Rabbit.

It wasn’t snowing as we headed to his girlfriend’s house to pick her up.

And it wasn’t snowing when the sermon started. But it was when the last carol finished.

Rob’s car, like the roads, had a fresh Christmas greeting of white. With windshield wipers going, we drove over the winding roads until the battery died a couple of miles from home.

With cellphones years from being invented, the best way to finish the journey was to push the car with his girlfriend at the wheel.

And with the snow falling gently, Rob and I pushed that Rabbit back to my parents’ house.

Santa’s cookies and cocoa were stolen ere a car was borrowed to deposit all travelers safe and snug in their beds.

We should have checked the local paper for the Christmas Eve services in our own town. You can find The Chronicle’s in today’s Your Faith section. If your church isn’t listed, let us know. An updated list will be in Tuesday’s editions.

Had we checked, I would have been warmer and drier, but left with no idea what Bing Crosby was singing about.



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