Rants & Raves

Today's pic is from Sweet son and was taken in "Burke County on the farm ahead of the all of those rainy days. I was down there camping on my 30 acre place I call Beulah Land in honor of my grandmother Beulah." Send me an email if you want your photo here. sean.moores@augustachronicle.com - sean

Comments from readers:


RAVE TO GOV. Nathan Deal for not expanding Medicaid. It’s free for three years, then it costs Georgia taxpayers more than $200 million per year. We don’t need able-bodied Georgians on the state welfare dime.


THE TERM “give back,” as in giving back to the community, aimed at successful, taxpaying, working people is nonsense. We are already “giving” by paying taxes, living right and not forcing others to pay our bills.


FOR THOSE WHO are hearing rumors about the very south part of Richmond County wanting to establish its own form of government or township, it’s true. Just when you thought the political movers and shakers were asleep out here, we aren’t.


BILL KIRBY, SHAME on you on untrue comments about bus service. Have you ever ridden the Augusta Mall buses, especially on Saturdays? You will find standing room only for much of the daytime on weekdays and Saturdays. In the mornings and late afternoons, the Washington Road buses are jam-packed, too.


AUGUSTA COMMISSION members, you can go to Athens, Atlanta and Savannah on one tank of gas. If the gas is free from Richmond County, why are you paid mileage?


ATTENDANCE NEEDS to be mandatory for Augusta Commission meetings, with after-action reports filed and discussed at meetings.


I CALL FOR A DOCTOR’S appointment, get put on hold for 17 minutes, get disconnected, call back, get an appointment six weeks out, see the doctor, get told I will be called the next day to be scheduled for a procedure, wait 10 days assuming they are busy, but never get a call-back. It is disheartening to see how people do not take pride in their job. I had to go elsewhere to be treated.


THIS IS A RANT to one of the main charities in Augusta stating that all of the money received in the Augusta area is kept here, yet their national president receives $375,000 base salary plus expenses. Where does he get his money?


RAVE ABOUT MY Augusta Chronicle paper person! I don’t know why, but he/she has been delivering our newspaper on our deck, which is about 30 feet off of the road.


IF WE RAISE THE fast-food pay to $15 per hour, the minimum wage people will not be able to get jobs there. More qualified people will take the jobs because they pay more. Unless, of course, we force fast-food restaurants to hire the less-qualified people, and that opens a whole other set of problems.



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Rants and raves

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Home burns in Martinez, none injured