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Today's pic is of a rabbit "right outside my back door - this is the baby - Mom and Dad are hanging around too" says TrulyWorried. Thanks for sending in these photos. If you have a photo you want to see here, send me an email. sean.moores@augustachronicle.com Have a good day everybody. - Sean

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THE HILTON HEAD Island, S.C., free clinic is one of the best examples in the nation of how a free clinic operates. It can now handle 33,000 patient visits a year covering family practice, dental, eye care and mental health treatment. You just wait and see how the government will find ways to shut down these free clinics like the Hilton Head Island one.


THOUGH IT’S VERY touching to see the president and first lady visit for 40 minutes with those on hunger strike to protest the stalled immigration legislation, I wonder if he reminded the protesters that those immigrants entered the country illegally in the first place and therefore will have to wait until a legal equitable solution is found. I don’t see how their protest will help speed up the solution in any way, but it does provide a venue for the liberals to hang out.


YOU READ SO much in the papers of young people in trouble, so it’s gratifying to see some good news for a change. Carter Harwell, 13, is the best example of this good news where he has joined an elite group by earning every merit badge the Boy Scouts of America offers. His achievement has come from hard work and dedication. Congratulations, young man.


REGARDING THE story on the Augusta Commission members travel per diem record: Of the 10 members, the five black members have taken more trips (46) and nights out of town (119) and received more tax money ($17,234.29) in per diem expenses than the five white members (21 trips, 40 nights and $5,225.01). Am I being a racist in noticing this, or is it because they spend more time doing their job than the white members?


THE REAL TRUTH of the Affordable Care Act is that the insurance companies choose to claim they can’t keep the law and choose to kick off people from coverage, even when the president said people could keep that older coverage. So why don’t you ask your insurance company how dare they just dump people off?


THEY REALLY FIRED Fred Russell. Does that mean the commission can do the budget without dipping into reserves? Can we stop any garbage increase nonsense? They already got almost double with cutting the pickups to only once a week.


CAN SOMEONE please announce truthfully to us how long the buses will shut down for Christmas and New Year’s? We workers need to be able to plan ahead and save money for taxi rides.



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